World Oil Yearly Production Charts

Ron Patterson, Peak Oil Barrel

The EIA publishes World C+C Annual Production as part of its International Energy Statistics. The data goes back to 1980 and includes OPEC countries as well as Non-OPEC. I have plotted annual production for the 37 largest producers plus one titled “Other” which is the sum of all the other small producers not plotted. I have also included annual charts for World, OPEC, Non-OPEC plus a couple of others.

Most of the charts are non-zero based because I chose to empathize production change over total production. Non-OPEC charts are shown first. If a country had no production in 1980 then the data starts the first year of production. All chart data is thousand barrels per day.

A World



A Argentina

A Australia

A Azerbaijan

A Brazil

A Canada

A China

A Colombia

A Denmark

A Egypt

A Equatorial Guinea

A Gabon

A India

A Indonesia

A Kazakhstan

A Malaysia

A Mexico

A Norway

A Oman

A Russia

A Sudan & S. Sudan

A Syria

A United Kingdom

A United States

A Vietnam

A Yemen

A Other



A Algeria

A Angola

A Ecuaor

A Iran

A Iraq

A Kuwait

A Libya

A Nigeria

A Qatar

A Saudi Arabia


A Venezuela

And just two more:

A North Sea


A World Less USA

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